Do you know “Chlorous Acid Water, the new disinfectant which has been “approved” as food additive in Japan?

”Chlorous Acid Water” is the disinfectant made from Sodium Chloride (salt) for people to apply safely and securely.

”Chlorous Acid Water” is the new disinfectant developed to replace Sodium Hypochlorite.

Characteristics of Chlorous Acid Water

Chlorous Acid Water has sustainable oxidation power, the basis of disinfection efficacy and sterilization function, and exhibits excellent disinfection efficacy for long period of time even under environment with organic substances though it does not demonstrate so rapid performance as Sodium Hypochlorite base disinfectant. Also, even after contacting with organic substances, it does not lose its oxidation power instantly and can provide stable disinfection performance.

It has an extremely little negative effect such as chlorine odor, discoloration, corrosion and bleaching, so it can be applied to anything and anywhere.

Disinfection effect for Toilet (the contaminated place where microbes are excreted from human body -> outward strategy) It can be applied without being bothered by corrosion of floor materials and metal equipment.

Disinfection effect for tableware and cooking equipment (microbes are taken in from mouth -> inward strategy) It can be applied without being bothered by discoloration of dishes and tableware as well as stainless steel equipment.

As it hardly produces chlorine odor, users and appliers are comfortable.

“Chlorous Acid Water” is the only one environment-conscious disinfectant.

  • Germs and viruses exist with dirt.
    ⇒It is necessary to choose the disinfectant which can not be dissolved by dirt and protein!!

Product Sales

Sankei group manufactures and distributes Chlorous Acid Water to the customers who are involved in environmental hygiene and disinfection business.