Since its establishment in 1982, Sankei Group has been engaging in research and development activity on Oxychlorine Compounds, well known as a base materials of disinfectant or antimicrobial as well as manufacture and sales of its products. We also have been developing new products composed of the compound and proposing many other methods of its usage into the industry so far. Accordingly, based on our original and unique findings, we have already filed the patents for its technology until now. And, we actually have been making a contribution to the food industry, the related ministries, agencies and organizations.

Sodium Hypochlorite(NaClO), Calcium Hypochlorite(Ca(ClO)2), Sodium Chlorite(NaClO2) and Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2) are originally among Oxychlorine Compounds. And from the hygiene control viewpoint, we developed and designed products in the way where many people can apply them safely and securely for the purpose of disinfection and bacteria elimination in food processing operations. And, we are now planning the further use of these materials, focusing on prevention of viral infection.

Thus, we explore the new market where Oxychlorine Compounds products are effectively applied in many ways. As making progress in our research and development on the compounds, we set our goal to launch our products into various markets, presenting with the application manuals regarding hygiene control and infection prevention. At first, one of our plans is to introduce our disinfectant and bacteria elimination products with its usage to raw fish, livestock, animal husbandry processing industries and the food retailing industry for their food processing operations. Secondly, we are going to expand our sanitizer and disinfectant products to social welfare facilitates and educational institutions by offering them the novelty methods of application.

Last but not least, we have succeeded in liquefying Chlorous Acid for the first time worldwide and filed the international patents for the technology. And, now, the Chlorous Acid products are a commercially available. This enables us to develop new far-sighted Oxychlorine Compounds products such as Sodium Chlorite derived products in particular and propose the new ways to use them as well. We are right now in a preparatory step to promote our Sodium Chlorite products to global market. Sankei Group, as we always do so, will hope to be the company that contributes to our society and aims to help our living rich, modern and hygienic. This is the very way we are aiming at.