【Inactivating efficacy against Norovirus※1】

  • More than 1 million to 1 billion Norovirus exists in 1g of vomits (Fluid Substances), and Chlorous Acid Water can inactivate more than 99.99% of the virus which could easily cause infection even with a small amount.

    【For 1,000,000 Norovirus】

  • ※1 F9 and F2280 strain of Felline Calicivirus are used as surrogate Norovirus.

    In the test, bovine serum albumin (BSA) was added as the surrogate fluid substances※2
    (0.5% of BSA for the last concentration) 

    ※2 The fluid substances are general name for body fluid, blood and excreta.

【Characteristics of Chlorous Acid Water-UV spectrum-】

  • For Chlorous Acid Water, the unique absorption is observed in its UV spectrum at both around 260nm and 350 – 360nm. This state proves it to be Chlorous Acid Water.
    In case such absorption is found around 260 nm for free Chlorous Acid, the absorption around 350 – 360nm is the property of Chlorous acid, not of Hydrated Chlorine Dioxide.

【Stability of Chlorous Acid】

  • By means of “Cycle Reaction”, Chlorous Acid is stabilized in solution form, and it can maintain its disinfection efficacy even in storage under room temperature.
    Besides, since even the diluted solution can be stored with good stability, you do not need to prepare it every time before use.